Julan at Niagara Falls
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Julan on the green hill in Dalian
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Julan Climbing the Great Wall
Modeling - a glamorous time in Julan's life
Fitness - keeps Julan active and in shape
Exploring the Great Wall is always exciting. Those who visit the Wall for the first time will definitely find it impressive.

There are 3 major sections of the Great Wall to visit near Beijing:
Badaling is the closest site, popular with tourists;
Mutianyu is well protected from wear and tear by tourists. Riding the Toboggan downhill is a fun and easy way to finish the hiking, especially when your are tired of stepping on the stairs;
Simatai (or Jinshanling) is much farther stretching out of Beijing. The mountain can be very steep; some devastated Walls can be dangerous. But it is where you will find the most exciting and unique scenery of the Great Wall!
Some of the places I have recently visited...
New York City
I am a "party animal" (^_^)
Julan Updates...
To pursue one of my dreams, I came to the beautiful central New York, completed my masters degree, and relocated in the greater NYC area.
For years, I enjoyed a life bar-hopping, partying, and dancing day and night. After all these years, one of the things that have not changed in me is that I am still that romantic, passionate, and strong woman who dares to dream and lives life to the fullest.
I am not just a dreamer;  I am a doer.
Visiting Dalian while in college
San Diego, CA
The Niagara Falls
Washington D.C.
There are about 1,800 islands in the Thousand Island region.

Grenell, a small island where I stayed on the St. Lawrence River, is 40 minutes by motor boat west of the Alexandria Bay and very close to Canada.

There is so much to do around the islands. Boating, fishing, sailing, canoeing and sunbathing on the dock are my favorite. Even feeding the baby ducks everyday and watching a storm approaching quickly from distance on the seaway can be interesting. The sunset is so beautiful and the stars are so bright at night.
To me, no summer vacation is better than
spending weeks on a beautiful island...
Julan is now Changing Direction
The Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River
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Julan at Temple of Heaven
I am glad I spent some of my childhood in such a wonderful seaside city. Our home was a two-story house with two lovely spacious terraces. The house sits beside a lovely green hill, not far from a small river and only 5 minutes walk to the ocean.
Temple of Heaven - Beijing
I was born in Beijing. When I was 3 years old, my family temporarily moved to Dalian for my father's navy assignment.
I loved Dalian - it had no pollution. I still remember how nice it was to watch the snow-white clouds in the blue sky and count the shining stars in the heaven when I was a little girl...
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Julan at Summer Party
North Pole or Central New York???
Whitewater rafting is my favorite outdoor activity so far. I have wanted to do it for years and I find it so dramatic and exciting ...
Waterrafting in Watertown, NY
Julan B & W Portrait
Julan in Studio
Julan in Jean shorts