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Julan hiking outside Beijing - Hudongshui
Julan riding horse in Mongolia
Julan hiking outside Beijing - Zhuijiuyu
Julan vacation in Chengde
Julan Sunbathing
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Horse riding on the immense prairie in Mongolia is really amusing. It was the first time I have experienced with my own eyes what is called "boundless".  Mongolians are extremely hospitable and they treat you really well. But be prepared to drink, especially when they try to keep you drinking by keeping on singing and dancing in front of you. Those have little tolerance for alcohol will mostly get embarrassed!
Chengde, a small city not far from Beijing, used to be a vacation resort for the Emperors
Hudongshui, Hebei
Zhuijiuyu, Hebei
I am a beach lover. Sunbathing on the white sandy beach is my favorite place for vacations.

Pattaya, Thailand, has a beautiful beach when I visited. Besides what you usually do on beaches, you can also watch coral, go sea fishing, and try some interesting rides - some with the help of a helicopter that will make you soaked from head to toe.

Bangkok streets are filled with bright-colored cars. Traffic jams happen all the time. If you have not yet seen any wild animals closely in your life, you need to visit the Wild Animal Park in Bangkok. When I stepped on the soil of Thailand, I was told that it is a country of freedom. It truly is...
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Chengde, Hebei
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Riding in Mongolia
Scenery Thailand
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